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EANM  European Association of Nuclear Medicine

31st Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine
October 13 – 17, 2018
Düsseldorf, Germany

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) is the umbrella organisation of nuclear medicine in Europe and represents the sector towards the European Institutions. Within this role, the EANM aims at advancing science and education in nuclear medicine for the benefit of public health as well as at promoting and co-ordinating, throughout Europe and beyond, discussion and exchange of ideas and results relating to the diagnosis, treatment, research and prevention of diseases through the use of unsealed radioactive substances and the properties of stable nuclides in medicine. The goal of the EANM is thus to provide a suitable medium for the dissemination and discussion of the latest results in the field of nuclear medicine and related subjects.

The EANM has come a long way since its foundation in 1985; much has been accomplished and the organisation has become highly professional. In the coming years the association will strive to increase further the scientific strength of European nuclear medicine and to publicise its unique investigative and therapeutic benefits.


Table of EANM Presidents since 1988
2013 - 2014 F. Verzijlbergen, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2011 - 2012 P. Bourguet, Rennes, France
2009 - 2010 W. H. Knapp, Hannover, Germany
2007 - 2008 A. Cuocolo, Naples, Italy
2005 - 2006 I. Carrió, Barcelona, Spain
2002 - 2004 F. Corstens, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2000 - 2001 W. Becker, Göttingen, Germany
1997 - 1999 A. Bischof Delaloye, Lausanne, Switzerland
1994 - 1996 P. Ell, London, United Kingdom
1991 - 1993 S. Askienazy, Paris, France
1988 - 1990 G. Riccabona, Innsbruck, Austria
In the years 1985 to 1987 only congress presidents were appointed.

The EANM is a professional non-profit medical association that facilitates communication worldwide between individuals pursuing clinical and research excellence in nuclear medicine.

The EANM was founded on September 6, 1985 in London as the result of a merger between the Society of Nuclear Medicine Europe and the European Nuclear Medicine Society. It is incorporated in Vienna and its activities extend throughout Europe.

The merging of the two societies is still reflected within the EANM, as the association simultaneously acts as a forum for individual members (who convene annually at the Members’ Assembly) and as an umbrella for the nuclear medicine societies of Europe (which convene at the Delegates’ Assembly). This twin-track approach guarantees that the EANM not only serves the needs of individual members but also has a strong awareness of the challenges faced by nuclear medicine in European countries.

After the foundation of the EANM, the Georg von Hevesy Award was transferred upon initiative of G. Riccabona into the Marie Curie Fund. During its existence from 1990 – 2007, the Marie Curie Fund comprised the Marie Curie Award, the Marie Curie Lecture and the Marie Curie Travel Grants. Within the restructuring of the entire association and the reorganization of the financial setup, the Marie Curie Fund had to be dissolved.

In 1999, EANM membership was also opened to nuclear medicine technologists. Since their inclusion in the association, their activities have continuously widened and technologist membership has now increased to over 300 individual members.

As EANM cooperation with national societies has expanded beyond Europe, non-European countries are now being invited to become affiliated members of the association. In order to provide a consistent structure for interaction, the EANM Secretary has assumed the role of coordinator between the national societies of nuclear medicine and the Board of the EANM.

Over recent years, the total EANM membership has risen to over 3,200 individual members who are physicians, scientists, technologists or other persons working in nuclear medicine or related fields. Furthermore, the number of EANM National Societies (member states of the Council of Europe) currently amounts to 39. Thus, today, the EANM is the largest organisation dedicated to nuclear medicine in Europe. In this role, it has become the umbrella organisation which represents the whole sector towards the European Institutions.

Honorary Membership

Looking already back on a considerable history, the EANM has awarded honorary membership for the first time at the EANM'06 Congress in Athens. This distinction was awarded to four founding fathers of the EANM in order to honour their outstanding services to the field of nuclear medicine and to the Association. During the EANM'06 Members Assembly, these four founding fathers were presented a glass sculpture as a symbolic gesture. The EANM hopes to award more honorary memberships in the upcoming years to distinguished members.

Legal and fiscal framework

The EANM Bylaws and Rules constitute the legal basis for the operation of the association. The EANM is incorporated in Vienna, Austria and complies with the legal rules of the Austrian Law of Associations.

EANM is a non-profit association. The association’s accounts comply with Austrian fiscal provisions and are both internally (by two members of the association called auditors) and externally audited (by an international tax advisor) on an annual basis.