Siemens Healthcare develops innovations that support better patient outcomes with greater efficiencies.As a global leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and healthcare information technology, we have a keen understanding of the entire patient care continuum—from prevention and early detection to diagnosis and treatment.


Carestream is for more than 100 years, we have provided healthcare providers around the world with state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions. We offer more choice for x-ray equipment from general radiography to specialty practice applications like mammography and otolaryngology. Our flexible digital radiography, computed radiography and medical printing and film systems solve workflow, budget and space challenges while reducing procedure times. 


We, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, measure our success by how the life of our products and services enhances the life of your business—and the lives of the patients who depend on your important work. Explore our robust portfolio of products and solutions designed to help screen, diagnose, monitor, and confirm diseases and provide life-saving blood to patients around the world.


 Prowess Inc. is an international radiation cancer treatment planning software  developer based in Concord, California. Prowess has continued to be a pioneer in Windows-based treatment planning systems.


Raytest Isotopenmessgeräte GmbH develops and manufactures instruments and solutions for different fields of the life sciences market in their headquarters in Straubenhardt, Germany, and sells them throughout the world.



Tema Sinergie is a company made up of people, its staff being remarkably valued through targeted training, support and mutual trust. Tema Sinergie has been investing in the best equipments and the most advanced technologies to fulfill the needs for a safer, more comfortable and extremely fruitful working environment. A place where each and everyone is encouraged to give their best.