Virtual Simulation


Panther VSIM is designed to provide all the tools needed to take you thought the entire virtual simulation workflow in a way that makes sense and saves time. Customizable views and multiple language support ensure every user will feel right at home when introduced to the system. This product will also fit into any center, because we offer vendor neutral support of all CT and LINAC machines through DICOM 3.0 communication.

•    Conventional X-Ray radiographic or fluoroscopic 
     simulation are not needed   
•    CT and LINAC vendor neutral solution
•    DICOM Import/Export of Images & Structures
•    Multiple language support and customizable views
•    Intuitive CT window leveling and templates
•    Image interpolation for enhanced viewing clarity
•    Seamless integration with Panther TPS for dose calculation
•    Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual contouring
•    Symmetric and asymmetric 3D margining
•    Contouring in sagittal and coronal reconstructed views
•    Image fusion and multi-modality (CT, MR, PET) 
•    Patient position/orientation corrections
Reference Points:
•    Beam isocenters 
•    Virtual markers (fiducials)
•    Laser coordinates: Gammex, LAP Laser, A2J Healthcare
•    Dose reference points
Beam Setup:
•    BEV: Simulate gantry, collimator, jaws, MLC and table
     movement. Design field shapes based on ROI or structures
•    REV: Real-time high resolution 3D rendering of the patient
     anatomy and the treatment machine/beam geometry.