Puma R&V|OIS

Record and Verify | Oncology Information System

Each year, millions of cancer patients’ lives depend on the efficacy of radiation therapy received from their trusted clinicians. Striving to provide the best possible care, oncology departments rely on leading-edge technologies that set new standards in care and efficiency. Puma is Prowess’ Oncology Information System (OIS) and Treatment Record and Verify (R&V). Puma OIS provides up-to-date patient information while preserving radiation treatment data and scheduling of patients.

Puma’s Record and Verify provides on-demand access to authorized personnel and allows therapists to verify plans and deliver treatments. Fully integrated, Puma enables a paperless department by importing radiation treatment plans in DICOM and RTP formats from other systems. Easy and intuitive, Puma simplifies the clinical workflow and allows your team to focus on their priority – the patient.

Benefits and Features Include:

  • Oncology specific EMR
  • Patient and resource scheduling
  • Simple, Intuitive Interface
  • Data Protection
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Short installation and configuration times
  • Short training time for XRT Technologist
  • Multi-client access to central databaseRadiation therapy and treatment record management 

Key Features


  • Diagnosis and Staging
  • Radiation prescription monitoring
  • Treatment scheduling and record maintenance


  • Centralized repository
  • Paperless
  • DICOM and RTP plan import
  • Standalone or networked configurations
  • Patient and resource scheduling
  • Direct download to linear accelerator
  • Treatment Verification
  • Treatment History
  • Reports for clinic and patient documentation


  • Single keystroke data privacy
  • Patient ID photo management
  • Support for ICD-9 codes
  • Non-Latin language support