In bio-imaging a lot of different applications for chemiluminescence, bioluminescence and fluorescence were developed over the last decades. Various detection systems, fluorochromes and other markers are nowadays available for modern biological and biochemical research, ranging from elementary gel documentation to highly multi-parametric mass cytometry. Based on 20 years of experience in the field of Bio-Imaging and camera systems, raytest recently introduced their next generation camera family STELLA. Dedicated to the customers’ need the ultra-deep cooled raytest cameras can be equipped for chemiluminescence, single fluorescence or multi-fluorescence with up to six arbitrary colors simultaneously.

All these methods – chemiluminescence, fluorescence etc. – had one strong advantage in common: these methods are not using any open radioactivity. However some applications like protease mapping or direct phosphorylation assays require the application of radioactivity. Therefore 3H, 14C, 32P and other isotopes are still used in many labs all over the world. Raytest can serve these customers with state of the art instrumentation for Radioluminography, a well-established method for the radiation detection based on 
imaging plates instead of X-ray films.

Chemiluminescence FluorescenceProduct Overview