New CyTOF® 2 Instrument

Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer for high-speed acquisition of highly multi-parametric single cell data



Increased dynamic range and sensitivity

Wider mass range

Improved sample introduction system

New User interface

Mass Cytometry

Mass Cytometry combines the advantages of single cell high speed analysis common to conventional flow cytometry with ability to resolve over 100 metal probes with minimal signal overlap common to atomic mass spectroscopy, thereby providing researchers with an unparalleled ability to phenotypically and functionally profile cells from normal and diseased states. 

The DVS mass cytometry platform includes the MaxPar® line of metal-conjugated probes, the CyTOF Mass Cytometer, and high dimensional analysis tools from DVS Cytobank.

How it works:

First, cells are stained in suspension with a panel of metal-conjugated probes directed against targets of interest. The cells are then introduced into an Inductively Coupled Plasma where they are individually atomized and ionized. The cloud of atomic ions for each single cell is extracted into the ion optics and time-of-flight regions of the mass cytometer where the ions are separated by mass.

The masses corresponding to the metal-tagged probes are counted in discrete time-separated detector channels. Metal tags are chosen from rare elements whose natural concentration in a biological sample is below the detection limit. The intensity of the signal detected in each channel is directly proportional to the number of specific probe-derived ions striking the detector and thus the number of antibodies originally bound per cell.

In a typical cell analysis experiment, four minutes of raw data collection is sufficient for analysis of 100,000 cells independent of the number of metal tags (one or all 32).

The resulting Data is written in .txt or .fcs file formats compatible with many analysis programs, including DVS.Cytobank, which has a set of tools including histograms, bivariate plots, the SPADE clustering algorithm and heat maps that have been designed to facilitate analysis and visualization of large, high-dimensional CyTOF data sets.

With this unique combination of reagents, instrumentation, and analysis tools, the CyTOF Mass cytometry platform unlocks the ability to comprehensively profile the signaling, cytokine, apoptotic and cell cycle-related responses in complex samples.

Discover more per sample.

With its multi-parametric analysis capability, the CyTOF 2 system enables insights into the functional complexity of biological systems at the single cell level.

The CyTOF 2 analyzes cells labeled with stable heavy metal isotopes using state-of-the-art time-of-flight atomic mass cytometry technology.

With over 100 available detection channels, the CyTOF 2 has the ability to expand with your research needs. When used in combination with the

MaxPar® line of reagents, up to 34 parameters can be analyzed simultaneously in a single tube without the need for compensation at high acquisition rate.

Start discovering more. Today.

The ready to use MaxPar Panel Kits, metal conjugated antibodies and metal labeling regents simplify the set up and design of multi parameter experiments.

Imagine more from your investment.

Newly designed, the CyTOF 2 leverages the power of the first generation CyTOF platform, with functional and design improvements that allow the technology to be easily adapted into any cell analysis research or core lab.

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