Nuclear Instruments

Radioactive nuclides and applications

Since the year 1980, raytest has specialized in radioactivity detection in all applications of chromatography.

C-14 detection is a demand in pharmaceutical R&D. Today's most powerful requirement is the detection of C-14 labeled compounds in an HPLC system in line with the mass spectrometer.

H-3 detection is applied less frequently for preliminary, fast investigations.

P-33, P-32, S-35, and Cl-36 are applied sometimes in agrochemical R&D.

Tc-99m labeled compounds are widely used in nuclear medicine for in-vivo diagnostics.

I-125 can be used to label radioimmunoassays in in-vitro diagnostics.

I-131 was the preferred nuclide in nuclear medicine therapy.

F-18, Ga-68, C-11 chemistry are the base of the modern PET diagnostics.

All labeling and preparation of the different radioactive compounds require radiochromatography detection systems. In order to serve the customers' demands best, raytest offers the largest range of suitable radioactivity detectors for various methods and all nuclides.