raytest devices can be connected to any existing HPLC system, either using digital data transfer or an analog-to-digital converter. The complete radio-HPLC system (e.g. Agilent, Shimadzu, Knauer) can be controlled using theraytest GINA software platform. GINA software is the basis for an integral solution collecting and evaluating all radio-HPLC data in a fully “GMP/GLP/21CFR”-conform environment.


Gamma Radioactivity HPLC Detector Various detectors available to cover numerous HPLC flow application requirements and isotopes (e.g. 18-F, 68-Ga, 59-Fe, 131-I, 125-I)


Beta Radioactivity HPLC Detector. 4-times in-line coincidence measurement. Designed to fulfill the demands of modern uHPLC systems. Superior sensitivity and resolution for smallest volumes (e.g. 14-C, 3-H, 32-P)


Beta Radioactivity HPLC Detector. Two detector coincidence measurement. Flow cells are available for the use of liquid scintillator or with internal solid scintillator 
(e.g. 14-C, 3-H, 32-P).

RAMONA quattro

Beta Radioactivity HPLC Detector. 4-times in-line coincidence measurement. Highest sensitivity and resolution for 100-1000 μl/min flow conditions. 
(e.g. 14-C, 3-H, 32-P)


ß- radioactivity HPLC; liquid scintillator admixture; all H-3-applications; other low energy beta applications, which create memory effect on the suface of internal solid scintillators