Preclinical Imaging

Preclinical imaging has become an important part of the research for drug development and in the fields of cancer, cardiac, brain, etc… Imaging modalities are essential tools to scientists in order to observe changes in organs and tissues, at the molecular level, in animals in response to physiological and environmental changes.

It is therefore essential for imaging tools to provide high sensitivity and good resolution. The ability to conduct non-invasive, quantitative in-vivo imaging modalities have become particularly important for longitudinal studies.

Multi-modality systems combining the advantages of anatomical modalities such as CT and MR with the functional imaging of PET are also becoming more and more standard.

raytest provide a powerful research imaging tools to conduct research on new tracer and biomarker, in vivo biomedical research utilizing novel imaging technology. raytest is engaged with several high profile academic and corporate partners on the development of the next generation multimodality imaging systems for preclin - ical as well as clinical applications.

Positron Emission TomographyProduct Overview