Cellvizio Lab

In vivo imaging on a cellular level with dual laser technology



Optical Biopsy 
Tissue Imaging 
Calcium Imaging 
Deep Brain Imaging 
Cell tracking 
And many more

Key features:

  • Real time in vivo imaging on a cellular level!
  • Cellvizio Lab is the imaging modality that brings you the missing piece of information
  • Minimally invasive microprobes, maximally informative outcome
  • Delivers greater scientific insights from the surface to deepest tissues
  • Perfectly suited to conduct longitudinal studies
  • Easy to use, fastest learning curve


  • 1 or 2 lasers (488nm and 660nm) for optimal use of fluorescent markers
  • Real time imaging, video recording
  • Wide range of application specific microprobes
  • MRI compatible
  • Viewer Software and Evaluation Software
  • Software tools for kinetic analyses, FOV enlargement and vessel detection

Download link (PDF)