SynChrom FET

PET automatic synthesis unit for FET production


PET synthesis of:


The SynChrom FET system has been developed & designed to produce [F-18]FET based on nucleophilic substitution. The system is based on the raytest SynChrom R&D system without the hardware which is not required for the FET synthesis process. raytest is supplying the entire process documentation as well as the responsibility for the successful FET production on this device.

The SynChrom FET unit is equipped with two of the unique raytest transparent reactor systems. The entire process is visible. The 500W electrical air heater systems & the compressed air cooling enables ultra fast temperature changes in the synthesis reagent solvent. The system monitors the real solvent temperature. Temperature range 20°C - +180°C. SynChrom FET is equipped with very fast, low hold up volume, solvent resistant and pressure tight (4 bars) magnetic flipper valves. All solvents are transported directly into the reaction vessel without any solvent cross contamination.

The built-in pressure sensor continuously displays the actual system (reactor) pressure. This pressure sensor is also used for automatic gas leakage test after the synthesis unit cleaning procedure. During the process this sensor also observes the process for unexpected “accidents” with selectable warning and shutdown levels. The reactor systems are also equipped with a magnetic stirrer mixing system & a tube lifting system.

The unit contains a built-in position for the F-trap as well as a position for the target water collecting vial with radiation detectors for observation, analysis and reporting. (both can be used also without a direct attached cyclotron). The target delivery can be done directly to the F-trap or via the target vial.

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