SynChrom F-Dopa

PET-automatic-synthesis-unit for F-Dopa production


PET synthesis of:


SynChrom F-Dopa is a fully automatic PET-synthesis unit for FDopa production via electrophilic substitution processes.

The SynChrom F-Dopa unit is based on the raytest SynChrom F2 system. Different to that system raytest delivers together with the SynChrom F-Dopa the entire chemical process description. raytest guarantees the successful F-Dopa production. SOP, solvent description & comprehensive documentation is available. The system contains the unique raytest transparent reactor system. The entire process is visible. 

The first synthesis step requires a very low temperature. SynChrom F-Dopa has a nitrogen gas cooled (liquid nitrogen pre cooled) reactor and a 500W electrical air heater. This enables ultra fast temperature changes in the synthesis reagent solvent. The system monitors the real solvent temperature. Temperature range –40°C - +180°C SynChrom F-Dopa is equipped with very fast, low hold up volume, solvent resistant and pressure tight (4 bars) magnetic flipper valves. 

All solvents are transported directly into the reactor vessel, without any solvent cross contamination.The built-in pressure sensor displays the actual system (reactor) pressure. This pressure sensor is also used for pressure / vacuum tightness test after the synthesis unit cleaning procedure. During the process this sensor also observes for unexpected events with settable warnings and shutdown levels.

The 18ml reactor is equipped with a magnetic stirrer solvent mixing system and a tube lifting system.

The reactor is equipped with a lead shielded radiation detector to monitor the actual delivered activity and to automatically calculate the yield. (EOB / EOS).

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