Ga-68 PET automated labeling system



easy to use automated labeling system for Ga-68 tracers


  • Can be used for labelling a variety of peptides and radiometals

GMP Compliant inexpensive disposable kits

  • Ease of operation due to unique Work-Bench-Design
  • Facilitates GMP compliance
  • Reduced running cost

Built In Self Test procedures

  • Unit self test on start up
  • Cassette leakage test prior to every synthesis
  • automated sterile filter integrity test after production

Validated operating procedures

  • Validated, proven
  • Compliant IQ/OQ according to GMP

High conductivity reactor system

  • High speed heating and cooling
  • Outstanding temperature control

Integrated radiation monitors

  • Real time process monitoring

Automated elution

  • Works with Ge/Ga generator from all suppliers, ITG, EZ, IDB etc.

Peristaltic pump

  • Doesn’t require any gases, easier installation

Touch Tablet-PC Control

  • User friendly interface, single button operation
  • Easy cleaning in clean room

User specified level of purification

  • Fractional elution
  • Trapping of Ga
  • Combination of both

Self Shielded optional available

  • For the use outside of a Hot-Cell