SynChrom Ga68

Ga-68 PET automated labeling system



PET synthesis of: Ga-68-DOTATOC

SynChrom Ga68 is using an automatic process unit for labelling with activity eluted from the generator of Ge-68/Ga-68.

The SynChrom Ga68 unit is equipped with an electrical heater for a reaction temperature between 
+20 and +180 degree Celsius.

The unit is equipped with very fast, low dead volume, solvent resistant and pressure tight (4 bar) magnetic flipper valves.

All solvents are transported directly into the reaction vessel without any solvent crosscontamination.

The built-in pressure sensor continuously displayes the actual system (reactor) pressure. This pressure sensor is also used for automatic gas leakage test after the synthesis unit cleaning procedure. During the process this sensor also observes the process for unexpected “accidents” with selectable warning and shutdown levels.

The reactor is equipped with a special reactor solvent mixing system without magnetic stirrer and replaces the tube lifting system.

The built-in double membrane, high performance, solvent resistant vaccuum pump (40 mbar) allows fast drying of the solvent.

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