Tema Sinergie S.p.A.


Tema Sinergie is a dynamic and innovative company which designs, produces and sells solutions and systems suitable for hospitals, research institutes, universities and industries working in the field of ionizing radiation control. As official representative for outstanding international companies and the only Italian reference for a remarkably wide range of applications, Tema Sinergie works with market forces to guarantee excellent quality and competitiveness.

Dispensing Hot Cells

From low activity manual preparation of NMC DSI to complete robotic handling of DHC.

Fully GMP isolators when used as stand-alone, they turn into complete GMP Dispensing System when equipped with our Dispensers.

Smart Ventilation Control with double pressure level to match opposite needs of Radioprotection and Pharmaceutical purity.

Optional modular Class A-B pre-chamber to meet the strictest GMP requests.

Customized solutions for lead pot delivery in the customer's Packaging Lab directly. Always provided as standards:

  • Built in vented Class B airlocks both for material in (Pre-chambers) and product delivery (Product Exit Ports)
  • Hot Cell Human Machine Interface via touch screen panel PC for GMP traceability (21 CFR part.11) and efficient TeleTroubleShooting
  • Certified vertical Laminar Flow on complete working surface
  • ISO 10648-2 Air Tightness and GM tube door interlocking system


Synthesis and Research Hot Cells

From basic Double Vertical SYNT 2 for completely automated modules to the high flexibility of RES: glove-ports, pre-chambers, tele-pliers and manipulators.

Smart Ventilation Control to manage most hazardous volatile compounds.

Always provided as standards:

  • Hot Cell Human Machine Interface via touch screen panel PC for maximumoperation traceability and efficient TeleTroubleShooting
  • ISO 10648-2 Air Tightness and GM tube door interlocking system
  • Trouble-free interlocked hinged doors to avoid any access and protection issue related to motorized opening system


TC and Conventional Hot Cells

Tc generators handling and storage, waste management, dose measurement all under a certified vertical Laminar Flow on complete working surface.

Our range of hot cells is conceived to meet different GMP needs in conventional Nuclear Medicine: from open Biohazard design of BSC to complete isolation of NMC PRI.

Flexibility on shielding thickness and handling materials for both Beta and Gamma Emitters.

uDDS-A syringe dispenser housing available for both the naked and the self-shielded version.